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I bought a Mophie to charge up my mobile devices during my travel and my daddy activities. Whether I am on a plane, or strolling to the park with my two and a half year old daughter, Mophie keeps my mobile devices charged.

A colleague chuckled, when I posted my affection for Mophie on our Yammer network. He asked, why do your need such a device? Great question, try traveling across three time zones, and keep your iPhone, iPad and Android devices from draining power. During a flight, or on a train, I find myself listening to music, reading, watching a video, or creating some content, either way you need enough power to check apps, and make a call when you land.

As I travel visiting customers and prospects, it is not always conducive to plug in all mobile devices and laptop. If you’re like me, you start hogging up an entire power-strip, or you do not want to interrupt a meeting by looking for a place to plug-in.

During a recent road trip, a manager borrowed my Mophie to charge up his Samsung Galaxy, now he plans to buy one. Another Mophie convert!

power for two

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