Why I ditched AirServer for Reflector

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I ditched AirServer for Reflector some time ago. Both can wirelessly mirror your iPhone or iPad screen to any Mac or PC. However, Reflector has been more forgiving on private wireless networks than that of AirServer.  As I travel to do presentations, I cannot control nor anticipate wireless network issues at prospective clients, customers, and hotel conference centers.  A colleague was frustrated after many AirServer support calls and emails with no resolution, so he found Reflector.  When AirServer has failed to connect, Reflector has succeeded to connect.

Reflector w Frame (skin) option

Reflector has a frame (skin) that identical to the device bezel.  From the desktop you can change the frame to be on or off, or from iOS Black / White or to iOS Black / White Mini.  Reflector can mirror multiple devices to one computer for a side-by-side presentation.  You could have multiple presenters comparing screens and apps side-by-side.   This is a great feature for presentations, recording or testing apps. 


1) Full Screen – Blacks out your desktop behind the app. There is a setting to turn on Full Screen upon connection. A Hot Key or a right mouse click from desktop, allows you to turn Full Screen on or off.  

2) Auto-Lock – I recommend increasing pass-code time locking to keep the screen active during presentations.  

3) Recording – Record your iPhone or iPad without wires or extra software.  You can record the frame (skin).  Records in mp4 format.

Overall, Reflector has delivered a better user experience!  For more information please comment, or go checkout

Below are examples of multiple devices being mirrored at the same time, Full Screen, Scale: Stretch to Fit and Show Frame (skin).

Multiple mirrored devices
Multiple mirrored devices – iPhone 5 and iPad.

Mophie Me

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I bought a Mophie to charge up my mobile devices during my travel and my daddy activities. Whether I am on a plane, or strolling to the park with my two and a half year old daughter, Mophie keeps my mobile devices charged.

A colleague chuckled, when I posted my affection for Mophie on our Yammer network. He asked, why do your need such a device? Great question, try traveling across three time zones, and keep your iPhone, iPad and Android devices from draining power. During a flight, or on a train, I find myself listening to music, reading, watching a video, or creating some content, either way you need enough power to check apps, and make a call when you land.

As I travel visiting customers and prospects, it is not always conducive to plug in all mobile devices and laptop. If you’re like me, you start hogging up an entire power-strip, or you do not want to interrupt a meeting by looking for a place to plug-in.

During a recent road trip, a manager borrowed my Mophie to charge up his Samsung Galaxy, now he plans to buy one. Another Mophie convert!

power for two