AirServer to the rescue!

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Having been an avid iPad user since iPad 1, I have always wanted to mirror apps on the iPad and show them live on my PC desktop. I have lamented, that I would one day I would have to jail break my iPad, but then I found AirServer.  After installing AirServer on my PC laptop, I was immediately able to mirror an untethered iPad with Retina Display (AKA: iPad 4).  Now I can share those mirrored apps for presentations and training videos. I can share AirServer and my desktop using WebEx, Lync, and Skype.  AirServer Full Screen mode or F11 hot key, blacks out the rest of your desktop and displays only what is on your iPad. The Full Screen mode is great for screen capturing you device using video software such as Camtasia, Adobe Captivate, or Snagit.

AirServer with View Full Screen
AirServer – Full Screen mode menu
AirServer Full Screen view
AirServer – Full Screen mode selected