Exact CRM app review

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Exact has created a new app with a new user experience (UX).  This app will eventually replace the Exact Synergy app. The UX was greatly improved allowing quick access to contacts, sales opportunities, activities, appointments, and documents. Unlike its predecessor, this app was designed to maximize the UX for iOS devices, iPhone and iPad. Exact has plans in 2014 to design the CRM app for Android devices. Exact is already designing other prototypes.

Here is a quick comparison of improvements over to its predecessor. You can get to information quicker without having to swipe ‘back’ multiple times! For example, navigating to a customers sales opportunities detail, required you to go back up, backup to where you started.

You can instantly view all of your active sales opportunities without having to go to the customer or prospect information first. You can filter sales opportunities by follow-up date or close date. Sales opportunities now include any sales opportunities (card), and or any sales activity (workflow type). A sales administrator can add the new ‘follow-up’ date field to sales opportunities and to any sales activity (workflow type). In addition, an admin can set any sales activity (workflow type) to be included as a sales opportunity by selecting the definition ‘sales forecast’ checkbox. A user can update active sales opportunities, including the ‘follow-up’ date, remarks, and activities.

One of my favorite features, allows the user to see a Twitter stream of the customer, prospect, or supplier, etc. Read what a customer is tweeting before you walk into an appointment, or make a phone call. You can quickly add one or multiple Twitter accounts to the customer’s Twitter stream with a dynamic search, then add (+) button. Other social (external references) are visible from the contact information.

A user can not add a customer or a prospect. That feature still exists within the Exact Synergy app. However, you can add a new Contact and link it to an existing customer or prospect.

Exact CRM app was designed to utilize web services which provides access to more business entities and will help with future development.

– Sales opportunities
– Accounts (Customer, Prospect, etc.)
– Contact persons
– Activities
– Appointments
– Documents
– Calendar
– Colleagues
– Multi language

– iOS 6.0 or above
– Exact Synergy Enterprise Product Update 252 and above.

iPhone and iPad
Exact CRM app for iPhone and iPad

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Exact Synergy Mobile Apps 2.0 review

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Expense Claim
Expense Claim – iPhone

I have been an avid user of Exact Synergy Mobile Apps since the very first release.  2.0 was released in July, 2012 and the user experience has been improved for iPhone, iPad and Android.  In August, Exact released an app for Windows Phone 7 . I have been Exact Synergy desktop browser user for over 8 years and the apps give me the device of my choice.  In the morning, I reach for one of my smartphones or tablet to review my workflow while I shake up my morning green drink.  Within 5 minutes I can review my tasks for the day, respond to any incoming requests, approve as needed, and move on. Synergy Workflow was simplified with a subway map to show you what step you are currently on and what action you need to take.  In the expense claim picture shown (left), you can see that Ralph needs to ‘Approve’ the Expense Claim.  The status is currently ‘Open’, once Ralph approves it, the status will be ‘Approved’.  The subway map also shows that there is one more step in the workflow process after he approves it.  I do think that the subway map gives the UX a visual flow to follow.  A picture has also been added in the workflow process to quickly identify the person on which needs to take action. The account card is simplified, uses less space and icons are used to identify account type, such as a Customer, Prospect or Supplier.  New icons are positioned horizontally to use less space and identify Workflow, Opportunities and Documents.  The phone and email address for the account have  been consolidated into one button with multiple actions.   All contacts now have the new action button to quickly send an email, call the contacts direct line or mobile. While I do like the improved UX, I am waiting for more functionality to be added so I can use more mobile and less desktop. Reference: Exact Synergy App for iPhone 2.0 in the App Store now! Exact Synergy App for Android 2.0 in Google Play now! Exact Synergy for Windows Phone 7 in Marketplace now! I would like to give credit to Henry Beck for his original design of subway maps